Utilising the ukulele, the Uke4Kids instrumental music program nurtures the creativity of children via a low pressure approach that achieves a high quality outcome.

Our specially trained teachers engage, inspire and guide the natural creativity of children at the same time as fostering strong theory and technique.

Available to primary school children from Prep to Grade 6, our responsive small group classes allow students to develop at their own pace.


Our half hour classes run before, during and/or after school, depending on which school your child attends.  

"My kids love it, I don’t even have to ask them to practice. 

They just do, whether it’s stuff they learned in class or stuff they made up. This is what music is about!"

-U4K Parent

As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to speak to a real human about your child's needs.

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The uke’s fun, happy sound makes it ideal for joyful and engaged music education.  It offers as much musical variety and complexity as keyboard and guitar with the benefit of fewer technical challenges and a much lower price tag.

Ukuleles have the best instrument design for small bodies.  Their size and shape mean small arms can hold them without strain. Little hands can play leaving students free to see what they’re doing, and sing if they want to.

Playing an instrument, and singing at the same time, offers incredible benefits for brain development, especially in numeracy and literacy.​” Richard Gill, OAM


"I really wanted to learn ukulele because my Dad's a musician. 


I loved my ukulele lessons…

and I loved all the songs I learnt to play." 

-U4K Student


Feeling capable is great medicine!

The Uke4Kids program supports learning by helping each child develop vital skills for both now and the future, including problem solving, persistence and resilience. 

We ensure each child’s needs are being addressed by seeking creative ways to find solutions and making adjustments to their individualised program as needed. 

Our teachers are passionate about the potential of young people and their right to a quality experience. Children are introduced to music theory and notation in a way which engages their imagination and enjoyment of learning new stuff. 


Enabling our students to stay engaged in their learning journey is important.

The regular face to face Uke4Kids program has been adapted to the Zoom interactive classroom space.

Our primary goal of building Curiosity, Confidence and Creativity has been enhanced through the shift to online learning. Every week our students are tuning in, tuning up and having fun learning technology communication skills and playing with their friends. 

YouTube Videos and activity pages have been created to support engagement and the learner experience. 
We are very excited about the opportunities this new way of engaging in our program offers to children from any location. Our dynamic, fun ukulele program is now possible wherever an internet connection is available. 

We are working on developing the program so that we can engage many more young learners.

"We love Uke4Kids because of the opportunities it has given my daughter, such as learning an instrument and having the confidence to perform really well during school concerts.


The support and gentle encouragement given by Yanai makes learning for her so much easier."

-U4K Parent


Our personalised placement approach means students are learning with children of a similar
developmental age and ability.

We work with you to ensure your child is placed in the class most suited to their individual learning needs, their age and the school’s timetable.  

Call for a confidential chat to see how your child can start enjoying making music.


These key elements work in harmony to create a rich learning experience.


A sense of purpose and an awareness of each other creates engagement, understanding and enjoyment.
This builds stronger foundations for learning new skills and compassion.


Getting kids moving is good.
A unique combination of counting, stepping, clapping and jumping is a fun and interactive way to learn beat and rhythm patterns.


We teach our students to value and celebrate mistakes.
By using a creative approach mistakes can lead to awareness and innovation.


Experiencing curiosity prepares the brain for learning.
By asking ‘why’ and ‘how’, creativity is sparked which results in greater learning and new solutions.


Music played with feeling sounds better, and kids need to feel safe to express themselves.
We support kids to connect with how they are doing and encourage them to play from that space.


Kids experience a sense of satisfaction and pride when they can play well.
Our students are taught problem-solving methods which help them practise skills in a focused and enjoyable way.


Introducing Yanai Morris and Dassana

We are partners in life as well as in business. We created Uke4Kids to be the kind of music education experience we both wish we’d had growing up.
We understand what it is to be parents and we bring that real-life experience to our program.

Yanai’s chief passion is music, and ensuring children have the opportunity to learn and play music which is representative of them, not someone else’s idea of what music should be. 
He brings decades of his own music education, performance and teaching experience to his role as director and creator of the Uke4Kids method.

Dassana is passionate about helping children to navigate the significant challenges confronting them on a daily basis. 
She has worked as a counsellor, and has a long career in senior roles on school and university boards, parents & friends committees and steering groups.

Yanai and Dassana understand the challenges facing schools regarding wellbeing, and what lies ahead for our young learners.  They are excited to be part of the solution through creating a music program. In this way they empower kids with tools they need to thrive in this complex world. 


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Finalist, Business Excellence Category 2017

Best Open Soloist, 
Golden Uke Awards DRUKE Festival 2017